Newborn guinea pigs

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Taking care of your newborn guinea pigs

We worked on a chapter on breeding your guinea pigs earlier on. Now im going to help you with the knowledge of taking care of your guinea pig's new-born to fully weaned pups. When the pups are born they all cuddle under their mama for warmpth, security, love, and food. They will constantly nurse for at least 3 to 4 weeks. The pups will do what their mom does, and in time learn to use the waterbottle and eat as their mother does. Introduce foods of many types to the pups so that they can get used to new food. Hold each pup for at least 10 mins a day, as they form strong bonds at a young age. Baby guinea pigs are very easy to care for. They will nurse and nibble on grass, hay, and whatever mama eats. Keep a close eye on all of the pups to see if some are males so that they dont mate with their sibilings or mother. Males become sexually active as young as 3 weeks. If you only have one male guinea pig and the rest are females, then as hard as this is for him, you need to take immediate action when he turns 3 to 4 weeks (preferable 3 to be on the safe side) so that he doesn't breed with his clan. As cute and small as he is, a single male can produce much chaos, ending up with several pregnant guinea pigs. So yes, at 3 weeks put the male in a seperate cage with the other males or by himself if hes the only one. The females can stay with their mom until they are full grown if you so desire. 



Ive talked about the fact that males can get their sisters and mother pregnant, etc...But the first step is being able to tell what gender the pups are. This is very easy, and heres what you do. Flip the squirmy baby on its back or hold it and look under it's rump. If shes a female, she will have a Y shape as her genital sign. Gently put pressure around the genital area. If hes a male, the male part will come put. Another way to tell if your guinea pig is a male is that he will make a low purring sound and try to mount his sisters or mother. That is when you need to seperate him from all females. The oldest that you should seperate the male is 3 weeks old. You want to be safe than sorry.

Bonding with your new-born guinea pig pup

Guinea pig pups are usually very attached to their mother after they are born. They will nurse alot and cuddle under their mom. Its difficult to bond with these squeaky pups because as soon as they leave mommy, they freak out and start to constantly squeal until you return it to its cage. This is normal. You need to be patient and hold each one at least 10 mins a day to start a social interaction at a young age. The best technique that always works for me is feeding them grass on your lap. As your baby guinea pigs get older, they will squeal less when you hold them, and start to beguin to trust you. Its good to hold your baby guinea pig(s) at a young age so that they bond to you.